SCCR 2016 Calendar Contest

I’m dreaming of being in next year’s calendar…

SCCR alum, Lulu (2012) is so excited to tell you about our 2017 calendar contest.

Lulu is dreaming about being featured in the calendar. She’s really hoping her cuteness will get her lots of votes. She’s posting these and other Lululicious photos you can view in our contest gallery.

You don’t need to be an alum of SCCR, just a Cocker Spaniel. Entering is free too!

Post as many photos as you like, videos too! Create a fundraising page and tell friends and family through email and social media to vote for your superstar canines.

1 – Click on the “Fundraise” button in the “Join this Team” box.

2 – Under “Join The Conversation” attach your file and add some information about your baby and click on “Post”. Use the “Admin Panel” to upload your pictures, customize the name of the fundraiser, the message and the thank you email your donors will see.

3 – Copy the web address for your page and email, or share via Facebook, Twitter, Google (ready to go buttons on the left side of the page.) Send out to all your friends and family to vote, vote, vote!

One dollar equals one vote. The top 12 dogs with the most votes get featured in our calendar, Donations can be made on the fundraising page or by check to SCCR 1168 Palomino Rd, Santa Barbara, CA. Just make sure you tell us what dog you are voting for.

You don’t have to enter the contest to get your dog’s picture in the calendar. For a $40 donation for each picture we will make your love muffin a star in the calendar.

L42A0297The best part is all the donations go to benefit SCCR and all the good they do to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home dogs.

Comet model poseOh no Lulu! One of your competitors wants to post his adorable mug in this blog too. It’s Captain Comet!

Comet thinks he’s got the ‘goods’ to rise to the top of pooch popularity. That’s okay Comet, there are a lot of votes to go around.

We hope to see your handsome hounds on our calendar page. Thank you so much for your support!

The contest starts Aug 1st and voting ends Sept 31st. Calendars will go on order Oct 1 st and should ship out arounf Nov 1st.

Pictures must be atleast 200 dpi for us to use. Debra has written a quick “how to” to take great dog pictures. It will be available on Aug 7th on the website.

Enter the SCCR 2017Calendar Contest!

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