Ricki and his Rocky Road

Meet Ricki. He’s between 5 and 7 years old. A neighbor called us saying she found this gentle soul wandering through the neighborhood twice. His human momRicki has Alzheimer’s and has not been able to adequately care for him. Unfortunately, people with Alzheimer’s may have changes in their personality which make them do things they wouldn’t have done otherwise. According to neighbors, there was a time not too long ago when Ricki was this woman’s entire life. He meant the world to her. Recently, she was seen hitting Ricki with a stick, not feeding him properly and he has become deaf from an untreated ear infection that will require surgery. Both Ricki and his mom are hurting.

She’s going into an assisted living home soon, which leaves Ricki with no place to go. Second Chance Cocker Rescue stepped up and placed him in boarding while he waits for his surgery. He’s confused and scared. His whole world has turned upside down. He is a sweet boy, full of love and needs a safe, stable home.

Anything that you can give to help is very appreciated.

Here is the link for donations:

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