Tupperware Fundraiser and Holiday Shopping



safe_imageTupperware Fundraiser

HOliday Shopping for SCCR….each purchase made through Tupperware .com will send a percentage of your sale to SCCR. Shop, Shop, Shop, til you drop, drop, drop.

All proceeds will go to our dog’s medical expenses. This Tupperware Fundraiser ends Dec 13……Thank you for your support!

Holiday Shopping

Now that is time for holiday shopping we wanted to introduce you to a new way to help SCCR without costing you a dime. If you are a big Amazon.com shopper like we are you can use Smile.Amazon.com and by selecting Second Chance as your preferred charity you will accumulate .5% of each purchase to be sent to us as a donation.

If you have been an EasyCause shopper for SCCR then we are encouraging our supporters to change over to Smile. Amazon.com. We get a larger percentage and they are more open about what we have earned each quarter

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