She Emerged Like A Butterfly

Zooey beforeZooey was sitting in the Orange County shelter. She was a sight to behold. Big patches of hair missing, a huge cherry eye, terrible skin and butter ball fat. We were not surprised that no one seemed interested in adopting her. She looked awful. But after so many years of doing cocker rescue we could see past all that and saw a miserable but adorable little girl.

ZooeyWe pulled her, shaved her down and whisked her off to the vet. She didn’t look much better, her skin was red and crusty, her bald patches were more obvious. Once we put her on the meds for a slow thyroid and antibiotics for the secondary skin infections she started to perk up in a couple of days. When she was ready we took her in for surgery on that eye.

Zooey (2)After a few weeks then a few more her hair grew in and she started to slim down a bit and a beautiful buff girl emerged like a butterfly. Now we had the girl we knew was under all that mess. Wow, what a knock out she is too.

Not long after she was healthy again we introduced her to Antonio, her new dad. They are a perfect match. He knows all about girls with sensitive skin and thyroid problems and will take nothing but the best of care of Zooey for the rest of her life.

Donations towards Zooey’s medical bills


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