No, Thank You, Jane!

We had a hard week working with some especially difficult shelters when we received this email from Jane, the rescue coordinator at the Camarillo shelter. It reminded us that there are some great shelters out there and how much we appreciate them.  Camarillo is at the top of that list and Jane is a big reason why. Here is what she had to say and it really brightened up our day:

“Long overdue, my friends, but recent visits from Lesley Bloomer and Karen Perkins reminded me once again how very fortunate we at are VCAS to have the support and camaraderie of ALL of you in the Santa Barbara rescue network and I want to take this opportunity to thank you once again..

In meeting and interacting with each of you, you’ve often heard me say that your S.B. network “makes me want to move to Santa Barbara” because you supported and inspired me during some very rocky times in past years and helped VCAS on its journey toward a higher live release rate.   Through some periods when other rescues were at odds with us, you never lost sight of the fact that there were animals here that needed help and you were always such a pleasure to work with.  That support was invaluable.

Thank you, Lesley, for transporting for your network and for stepping up for the herding breeds (and others!) and working with those that have behavioral issues in need of healing.  Elizabeth never says no to a Cocker — always shows up with some humor and a light heart and makes all of us smile!  Janelle dropped into my life like an angel from the blue and became the “godmother” of our joint pony express transports to Sunny Sky’s in WA (funded by K-9 Pals).  She is incredibly nurturing & responsible and an A-1 transporter.  She wrote the book on the “spa stopover transport system” — providing relaxing evenings out of the crates!  We would not have built the relationship with Sunny Sky’s that we have today without her!   Annabelle is my fluffy-dog go-to gal.  She also likes Jack Russells and some of the scrappier breeds — just like me!  The folks at D.A.W.G. have always inspired me!  Thank you all for extending your kindness to some of our dogs here in Ventura County as well — with your fosters and, most recently, including five of our little guys n’ gals on the great RV caravan transport to shelters in the Western states.  Karen, thank you for standing by for the Frenchies and for also transporting for your network.  I feel honored to have become part of “Jellie’s world”!
Please extend my appreciation to others in your organizations and network whose names I may not know.  You are ALL so instrumental in helping us make a difference!

All the best,  Jane”

We want to acknowledge our top CA shelters Camarillo, all three Sacramento shelters, the Bakersfield City shelter, Riveside, Pasadena Humane Society, the Santa Paula shelter SPARC .  You are  what all the rest should strive to be!

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