Lance The Greeter of the Park

I thought you would like to see this photo of Lance (formerly Grayson) who Tom and I adopted in November of 2012 from the foster home in Hemet.  He is a wonderful dog and is doing very well with us (in this photo he has just had his summer trim, since it is getting hot in the desert where we are spending the winter — usually he has a bit more hair than this).  We live in an Over 55 residential area here, where there are many rescue dogs who all play together at the dog park.  When we first started taking Lance there he was very shy, nervous around new people (especially men) and didn’t know how to play.  But now he is one of the friendliest dogs there, always goes up to greet new arrivals (both people and dogs) and is much admired by the other owners.  He even runs around with the dogs some of the time, but he always comes back to check in with Tom and me (we were both shy kids when we were young, and we figure he takes after us and needs some reassurance).  One of the women who goes to the dog park is writing a book of stories about rescue dogs and she interviewed us about Lance the other day.  When the book is published, I will send you a copy.
Also, I am going to put a contribution into the mail for the Second Chance program… Tom and I greatly admire and appreciate what you do for so many dogs.  I will make this contribution in memory of my previous dog from you, Molly, and we will do another one at the end of this year to honor Lance.
All the best to you,

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