Trigger Is Having A Blast!

Tigger-Archie     I just wanted to give you guys an update! Trigger is still doing great! my family just love him and every day I realize how perfect his is for our family.  We have discovered that if you howl, he will howl back in response like you started some sort of barking chain.  It is so cute when ever we have a bad day we just start to howl and he sings along with us!

I had hip surgery in December (I know, only 20 and hip surgery) and he was my little buddy, by my side when I couldn’t walk, and now my rehab partner when I exercise through the neighborhood!

   He is having a blast at our house.  All the people in my parents bible study ask were he is when they come over and he is now part of the group, sitting on the couch with everyone (except usually he is snoring).  The other day I was picking up his toys, as he is like a toddler, and I counted 6 different tennis balls! At one time! after I stopped laughing I threw a couple out side as I realize he stole some from our lab and hound… It was pretty funny though! Him and his balls!
   I hope you get the attached videos and pictures! The one with the tile floor is us at the Vet, getting a check up and proper ear medication.  The other one is the day I found all his balls.  You may only count 5 in the picture because I had to hold one in my hand to get him to look at the camera lol!
   Well I hope you are doing well and still making progress with placing more wonderful dogs into their forever homes.  I hope to see you guys at the Santa Barbara picnic with SCCR but as I live 6 hours from there I still am unsure if I will make it to that one, though I will be at the Sacramento one for sure!
    I hope you are doing well and you both have a good rest of your February!
Love and Gratitude,
Kaitlin and Trigger

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