Lacy’s Long Road Trip

Lacy started out her journey as a sad little stray in one of the worst shelters we pull from, Lancaster. The minute we saw her precious face on the website we sent someone to snatch her up and get her out of there as fast as possible. She was taken to a foster home in Canoga Park where she got lots of TLC with Maritza and her foster brother Boo. Her stay was not very long though, not nearly long enough for Maritza anyway. A cute little thing like Lacy is bound to be snatched up quickly and sure enough, Tim from Grants Pass Oregon took one look and fell in love.

We got her cherry eye fixed and continued her journey up to Sacramento wearing the cone of shame where she was due to meet Tim. Well, not surprising, they were a perfect match and Lacy and Tm continued her journey up to Grants Pass, Oregon where Lacy reports she has decided to stay a while. But she does like that travel thing and made Tim promise to take her every where he goes!

Donations for Lacy’s cherry eye surgery

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