Thank you Liz and Veronica


Last week was a great week for Kasey and Lucy two of our seniors looking for new homes. Thanks to Liz and Veronica they have found permanent foster homes where they can live out their lives surrounded by love and attention.

Liz has been a Sanctuary mom for us since 2004. Taking in our oldsters and giving them sometimes the best years of their lives. Kasey (now Cora) is living with two other seniors, in fact they make her feel positively young again.

Lucy is Veronica’s first Sanctuary dog but she and her daughter have fostered youngsters for us before. We checked in on Lucy today and she had already made herself at home and looked very happy.

A big thank you to Liz and Veroncia for taking these two sweethearts into their homes and hearts.

Donations towards our seniors like Kasey and Lucy

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