Good Karma All the Way Around


Karma Collars is a small business with big heart. When Amy McMullan designer/owner of Karma Collars offered SCCR an amazingly generous gift, we were delighted.   The offer was to custom design a collar for SCCR and to give SCCR half of the selling price for every collar of that design sold.  Basically, Karma Collars offered to create and sell an SCCR collar and give us the profit.

Amy has been a professional designer for more than ten years and a champion of underdogs her entire life.  Karma Collars grew naturally from her work with rescued pit bulls.  The correct gear is especially important when working with larger, more powerful breeds and when Amy could not find quality gear naturally she began designing her own.  Soon she was making collars for friends and Karma Collars grew organically from there.  Amy has always loved all dogs and has donated countless hours to shelters and rescues her entire adult life.  When asked about cockers, Amy humorously describes her lifelong love of them and her own childhood cocker Phoebe.  She remembers being almost obsessed with wanting a cocker and pestering her single-mom mother until she caved.   Despite a rather temperamental nature, Phoebe lived a long and healthy life with Amy.

Designing collars for smaller dogs has special challenges.  There is less surface area with which to work and the smaller size limits the products that can be used.  The leather Karma Collars uses is also thicker to promote its lasting quality.  Smaller dogs cannot handle double layers and some of the other design options of larger collars.  The result is a challenge to the designer to reach deep and tap their innermost creativity.   The SCCR collar design was inspired by the craftsman style homes near the Sacramento  park where Amy walks her dogs, works and lives; the cocker spaniels she knows and SCCR.  Amy describes the SCCR design as having a craftsman or art deco style that matches the classic look of our cockers.  The collar is suitable however for all smaller breeds of dogs or for larger dogs where the look of a lighter collar is preferred.  The original design is fully-studded which has greater durability, is easier to maintain, easier to clean and less likely to get caught on things.  But Karma offers the option to replace the large studs with stones or jewels upon request—just call or email to let them know.

Karma’s philosophy is to make hand-crafted works of art that will stand the test of time in both function and taste.  Karma Collars are designed with the big picture in mind of supporting  a cleaner environment by crafting collars that will not end up in landfills.  They use USA made materials whenever possible and meat by-product leather and avoid trendy/novelty designs. Karma Collars are crafted to draw positive attention to our four-legged friends.  Buy a Karma Collar and when you hold it in your hands you will know you hold quality.  Place it on your dog and you will see that Karma met its goals.

To order the original design SCCR collar click on this link (or call 916-502-1004 for additional customization):

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