Santa Claws Came To Folsom And Had A Great Time!

"Santa Claws" Jim

SCCR joined the PetSmart at their annual Santa Claws event in Folsom on December 17.  Jim was Santa Claws, Ed and Clark took photos, Michaeline helped with printing the photos out, Lana, Lisa, Robyn, Connie and Mary helped with handling the dogs, and Celia was our very own Elf.  We had many, many generous folks that donated throughout the day to give us a grand total of donations to $710! The volunteers and the people who stopped by our booth and table had great fun…our volunteer Mary made her famous doggie biscuits for the dogs that had their photo taken. She and Lisa also made people cookies that were not only delicious, but festive (check out our table)

Clara and Lisa, Exhausted!

Lisa also made teddy bear ornaments and had dog scarfs for sale. Celia made her scrumptious Christmas “Bark” for us.  Everyone was tired at the end of the day, even the dogs, but we all had smiles on our faces:-) Many thanks to our volunteers, our attendees and Petsmart for inviting us!

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