Phoebe’s Last Chance

Phoebe is a little darling who was picked up as a stray at the Stanislaus County Animal Control in Modesto.   They said she appeared to have been attacked by several dogs and pleaded with us to take her as she was such a sweet little girl, wagging her tail even though she was in pain.   As it turns out, she has a horrific case of Demodex which is a noncontagious skin condition caused by mites.   Only dogs that have a suppressed immune system will get this.    Phoebe was terribly neglected to have this get as bad as it is.   Her medical bills so far have reached $450 and we expect that to increase. Thank you for your help. Without your support we could not have rescued this deserving soul.

Donations for Phoebe

12/21/11 update:
Phoebe had an area on her front leg that opened up like a cut.  It was very deep, so Joann took her to the vet on Friday night – they had to put stitches in her leg to sew it up.  She spent the night at the vet’s and came home on Saturday and is resting.  While she was under she was shaved more and the vet cleansed her wounds and her face so that her skin could breathe better.   She is a little fighter and truly does have the will to survive.  She has a better appetite and is eating better.  When Joann took her from the car Saturday morning, her cat was out there and she even did a little growl at him!    She is on 6 different medications which includes eye and ear meds. She is healing but still has a long way to go.

One Comment on “Phoebe’s Last Chance

  1. What a touching story. Its very kind of you to help this animal in need. What a blessing for her. Time for people to step in and donate. This pet deserves a sunny day

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