A Jacket And A Snuggle Is All Duster Needed

    Duster was adopted out of the Camarillo shelter then returned the next day. The family said he was too “nervous”. So we pulled him to see what we could do with this “nervous” boy. Well, it turned out that they had shaved him down and he was just shivering from the cold! We popped a fleece jacket on him and voila, no more shivering.

The first thing he did was crawl into the laps of the kids in his foster home for a good snuggle. We took him in for a vet exam and he was diagnosed with heart rhythm problems in both the upper and lower chambers of his heart. We will have to do some tests to see which medications will be the best choice for him but good news is it is not life threatening. He will always be on daily medication but he should live for many more years.

He is a gentle soul who needs lots of love and affection. He adores kids and gets long well with other dogs. We hope to find him a good home very soon.

Donations Towards Duster’s Medical Bills

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