Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

Happy Birthday to the Queen of Cockers! You have not only changed the lives of every dog (and cat and rabbit and horse and pig and goat and chicken and burro) that you’ve saved, but you’ve changed the lives of so many people you’ve touched with your dedication to making the world a better place. This beautiful email from one of our SCCR friends says it best!

“Elizabeth has been a dream come true for both hundreds (probably thousands) of cocker spaniels (and the wannabees) and dozens (probably hundreds) of people that she has inspired.
We are truly amazed [with] what she has done with the organization and the Jamestown sanctuary. She is a little too modest to take much credit and I recommend the board consider how the organization can recognize this almost life long devotion. She deserves some permanent recognition whether she wants it or not.

I know a very generous donation was made to help build most of the sanctuary and its naming was a nice thank you. Without Elizabeth’s charm, brains and determination, the project would be as we say “still a hole in the ground.”

Thank everyone that has contributed their valuable time and money.
Jerry and Cybel”

We all love you EB! We respect your vision, and your passion for saving animals everywhere! Thank you for all that you do!!!

Please consider making a birthday donation to help honor Elizabeth and all the work she’s done to save cocker spaniels in need. No donation is too small and all are greatly appreciated!

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