The story of Marty

Marty is an incredibly sweet boy that we got out of the shelter. He was overgrown and matted with his nails curled around and one digging back into the pad. He has since been shaved down and looks great. His face was very swollen on one side so we assumed a dental infection of some sort. He was also not neutered so immediately got him in for a neuter and dental because we knew we had to do something about the swelling and infection. Marty is a very lovie boy, but if you touched his face he would snap at you. Once he was under anesthesia they got in to look and were horrified by what was in there. His teeth were so badly abcessed and infected it was amazing that he could eat at all. Swollen gums, jammed full of foxtails (yes, even in his mouth) and rotted. When one tooth was pulled, blood came out his nose. This was a serious dental issue going on! Needless to say, he lost many teeth! He has a bit of a recovery ahead after all this, but we feel that once he is healed up he will be an even more awesome dog. He already is, just was in so much pain and now he is going to feel great. Marty is about 8 years old and it will be a couple of weeks before he will be ready to go. There will be a follow up vet visit due to the extensive damage in his mouth, his bone had turned spongy due to infection and that will take a while to clear up. Marty does fine with other dogs. He is not aggressive, but he does like to be the dominant boy. This should subside since he is now neutered. He loves people and does love to give kisses and now that his breath will be better, the kisses will be much better too! If you can find it in your heart to donate to Marty’s care, here’s how you can help:CLICK THE DONATE BUTTON BELOW⬇️PAYPAL US A CHECK: SCCR, PO Box 1419, Twain Harte, CA 95383VENMO US: #adoptdontshop #rescuedog #fosteringsaveslives #cockerspaniel #medicalneedsdog #animalrescue

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