One Really Truly Awful Day

This boy was found in the side of the road, dumped with a load of furniture. He was tied to a table, and laying on the couch. The rescuer got him into his car and took the dog to his sisters where he hid under a trailer. He had to get dragged out by Santa Maria Animal Services officers. He was terrified and traumatized. They got bitten but managed to get him out. He was quarantined at the shelter adding to his stress before we could pull him. He is still traumatized and will need to decompress then will need a lot of work.  We will keep you updated on his progress and when he will be available for adoption. ,

We named him Irwin. His shelter paperwork had no estimate for age….We imagine they couldn’t get close enough to check his teeth……just by looking at him, We are guessing would say 5-ish.  I don’t think he is neutered either?  I haven’t been able to get a look!

Donations for Irwin

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