Mother and Son Reuion

After over 4 years apart, Obi and Molly (formerly Romeo and Cher) were finally reunited!

Molly and Obi back in 2016

They were both surrendered to us in 2016. Obi was only 8 months old and Molly was 3. They were from a backyard breeder who had to get rid of some of their dogs. We were so lucky that they were surrendered to SCCR instead of being dumped at the local shelter.

Once with SCCR, Obi and Molly were adopted to different families who love them both very very much. After years of wondering what happened to both dogs, and a little detective work, they finally found each other. The families shared photos of Obi and Molly, talked about how similar they are in personality, and decided they should get the two pups back together.

Molly and Obi together again!

Mother and son met again for the first time last weekend! They love each other so much! They had fun sniffing each other, running around, and playing together. Luckily they live very close to each other and will now be able to get together more often! They can’t wait to go on hikes together and play at the park again!

Meeting again for the first time.

There’s nothing like the love of a dog (or dogs) to bring people together! Obi and Molly have brought their two families together!

One big happy, cocker spaniel-loving family!

If you’re looking for a cocker spaniel to add to your family, please take a look at our adoptable dogs.

Can’t adopt right now, we always need fosters and generous donors. Please give what you can. Every little bit makes a huge difference in the lives of cockers like Obi and Molly!

3 Comments on “Mother and Son Reuion

  1. How us little Winnie douning? I’ve been looking for an update!

  2. Love this story ! Thank you for sharing . brings love and joy to all Gods creations .

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