Vet Day for Daisy May and Charlie

It’s vet day for Daisy May and Charlie.

Daisy is having SEVERAL teeth extracted along with multiple bumps removed.

Charlie is having cherry eye surgery along with having a few bumps removed and some tests done to determine why he is always panting and why his belly is so firm and distended.

In all, we are looking at a vet bill that will be close to $1,800-$2,000 for these two today.

If you are able to donate to help cover their vet bills, we would be eternally grateful. Even a few dollars helps when it all adds up.

We will keep you updated on how their procedures go! Thank you for all of your support. We couldn’t save wonderful dogs like Daisy May and Charlie without you!

Charlie is lucky enough to have a few people interested in him, but Daisy May is still looking for her forever home. We know someone out there will show this sweet little blind girl all of the love and affection she deserves. Both dogs qualify for our sanctuary program.

Both dogs are currently in Simi Valley, CA. If you would like to give either of them a loving home, please fill out our adoption application.

2 Comments on “Vet Day for Daisy May and Charlie

  1. Just wondering if the Vets have ruled out Cushings Disease. The distended belly and panting are a couple of symptoms. I know because my 14 year old cocker has it. My cocker is doing fine without medication. I make sure his coat is cut very short and I keep him cool to help him regulate his temperature. I make sure he has cold water, a couple of cooling mats and a fan. It has helped him and the vets feel he’s doing well.
    Just thought I’d share.🌻

    • yes, we have talked to the vet about cushings but she doesn’t feel that is an issue with them. We do have several sanctuary dogs on meds for Cushings. They are doing fantastic.

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