Charlie – Our Newest Golden Boy

Poor Charlie. His owner died and he found himself at the shelter. He hasn’t been taken care of in a long time. He deserves the best life and I know we can give that to him!

Charlie is terribly matted and has an obvious cherry eye. He also has horribly infected ears and a large wart on his other eye. Despite all that he has wrong with him, his full tail is always wagging and he is a kissy monster. Charlie is also incredibly smart! He knows all of his basic commands! This boy will be the PERFECT companion for a very lucky person!!

Charlie is 12 years old and qualifies for our sanctuary program. While we wait for a furever home, we need a foster home for him ASAP. We would like a foster home to place him in while he gets some much needed medical attention. Charlie is scheduled for a vet visit on Monday. Hopefully his cherry eye and ear infections are the worst of it. We would really appreciate some help coming his upcoming medical costs.

Charlie is neutered, house trained, unfazed by rabbits and other dogs, and loves kids (all people really). He is currently in Simi Valley, CA. Please help share this baby! He needs a loving family to help take care of him! If you would like to give Charlie a loving home, please fill out our application.

Charlie’s Vet Bills

Help us get Charlie the medical attention he needs.


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