George – a sweet boy in need of some TLC

Say “hello” to George!! Just look into those big brown eyes and tell me he isn’t your soul mate!! George is a very loving boy who seeks out affection and attention from whoever will give it to him. He returns your affect tenfold with lots of sweet doggy kisses.

George has the cutest crooked smile,but unfortunately it looks like it’s the result of a broken jaw. We aren’t 100% sure what happened to our angel boy, our best guess is that he was hit by a car. George will have his jaw wired shut for awhile. He also had x-rays and surgery done for a busted leg. His hip was out of the joint and had to be put back in.

Despite all he’s been through, George still loves everything about life! George is great on walks, enjoys car rides, and is the chillest TV buddy you could ask for! He wants to be wherever you are and doing whatever you are doing! He is a really good listener too! And he LOVES food!!! His appetite is not deterred by his soft food diet and he happily eats every morsel with the few teeth he has! George is house trained and great with other dogs. At only about 6-8 years old, George has lots of life left to live. Will you be a part of George’s next big adventure?

To adopt this handsome boy, please fill out our adoption application!

We are also in desperate need of donations to help cover George’s $1800 vet bill. Please consider donating to help our sweet poor boy.

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