Luke and Leia – Parvo Pups Pudate

0Parvo pup pupdate: After being saved from the terrible Parvo virus, the pups came down with kennel cough. Here is a pupdate from their foster mom:

We brought the little man back to the vet. Luckily his kennel cough didn’t progress into pneumonia, but the vet upped his dosage of antibiotics because his cough discharge is green. His sister is doing great and she’s glad he’s back home. She snuggled up with him right away.
We are hand feeding him and all… The girl is super-cuddly and spunky – playful but also good company for her brother while he’s recovering.

While they get stronger every day, they will need follow up vet visits. Your continued support and donations0-5.jpeg are helping these pups get the quality care they need. Thank you so much!
To adopt Luke or Leia, please fill out our adoption application.

One Comment on “Luke and Leia – Parvo Pups Pudate

  1. My heart goes out for cockers in need , please donate every cocker needs a chance in life . Thank you all for caring . I rescued two seniors , My mistake they rescued me .

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