Neglected Boys Need our Help!

61798961_3333059050053078_2623631771203272704_nURGENT!! Foster home and donations needed. Please help and share!

Meet Mellon and Pacho, both age 6. Both boys were horribly neglected. Their toenails are growing into their legs and the pads of their feet. Stickers in their skin, and all over their bodies. Matts as big as my fist. Eyes infected. Please help Mellon and Pacho get a new start in life. They both need shots, Neuter surgeries, Rabies shots, microchips, and X-rays! They will need to be sedated to remove the toenails without pain! Mellon has an eye infection and Pacho has a small growth on his eyelid, which will be removed when under sedation. Mellon and Pacho will both need a foster home that will 61663408_3333059060053077_3680981341416980480_nhelp them to recover their health. We would like to keep these boys together, as they search each other out for comfort when scared. They are both very sweet natured and love kids and other dogs! Love to get belly-rubs, and give kisses! Please consider helping with their medical bills with a donation or even sponsoring the total expense. We will be happy to give you a receipt for your taxes! Both boys are currently located in Bakersfield, CA. Please email Elizabeth at for more info and fill out an application.

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