Luke and Leia: Getting Stronger Every Day

Luke and Leia

The Force is strong with these puppies! Both Luke and Leia are officially out of the woods with the Parvo virus! Both are spunky, eating and drinking on their own, and ready for a new chapter in their lives!

Thanks to everyone who supported these sweet sibs! They are literally howling to get out of the hospital and move on to a place where they have room to play! They will need a home where they can spend about 3 weeks more recovering. They can’t mix with other dogs because they will continue shedding the virus through their bowels. They have normal bodily functions however! It’s a matter of cleaning up after them and not allowing other pets around their potty pads. They are adorable! They just need a few more weeks in a home environment.

We are of course looking for their forever homes, but are URGENTLY in need of a foster home for Luke and Leia.

To foster or adopt Luke or Leia, please fill out our adoption application.

Please consider donating to help cover their medical costs. Every dollar helps.

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