Parvo Pups need our Help!

Dear Friends of Second Chance Cocker Rescue, we need your generous help again! We just got a call that 2, 8 week old, Cocker babies have been diagnosed with and have the beginning signs of Parvo! We need your help to save these 2 babies! They might need to call upon The Force, but we really hope that Luke and Leia can beat this with intensive therapy with our vet! It won’t be easy, but we won’t give up on these sweet pups! Please 0-2join the Parvo Resistance with us and let’s save these two Cocker siblings!

Click here to help support Luke and Leia’s medical treatment.

PUPDATE: Both are now in the hospital for the next 5 days. They are both on IV fluids, and 0-1medication to treat the Parvo. Leia is in better shape than Luke is. Both are in serious condition. If they are alive after 5 days, they will more than likely survive. They were caught early, thank goodness. The Vet is cautiously optimistic, but it could go either way.

One Comment on “Parvo Pups need our Help!

  1. I donated . Please donate every wiggle butt needs a chance .

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