Tumors and dentals and vet bills! Oh my!

“There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.” I’m sure if our doggies had ruby slippers they’d all click there heels and wish for a home themselves. But for most of them, there is a bit of a journey to get to their forever homes that often involves vet visits, procedures, and a bit of recovery time in a foster home. Lately it seems like more and more of our dogs are having to go down this road and our vet bills are becoming more daunting than the dark forests of Oz.

Sanctuary Girl, Betty

We love what we do and we love saving all of these medical needs dogs. Every dog that we rescue has a special place in our hearts, but it really is the tough cases the usually touch us all the most. We are so blessed to have such generous donors and friends that help us continue our mission of saving lives one dog at a time. We are also very lucky to have credit to help cover the mounting vet costs when the donations just aren’t enough. Unfortunately we are maxed out right now and the bills just keep coming in. Just in the month of March, we had $4,570 in vet bills for 6 dogs! (Duncan-FHO surgery, dental $1176.94 / Betty spay, mammary tumor removals, and dental…Macy dental and mass removal $1200.94 / Mia ear and skin infections $1701.01 / Felicia-diabetes exam and blood test $300.59 / Marcus euthanisia and creamation $191.25) We owe thousands of dollars on our credit accounts for dogs currently in our sanctuary program, who have long since been adopted, and who have even crossed the rainbow bridge.

So we plea with our friends and supporters once more. Please please help us continue the tireless work that we do to give the best quality of life to every dog that comes to our rescue. Every dollar adds up and no donation is too small. Does your company offer a donation matching program? Add us to that even. We truly are so very grateful for each and every single donation received. Every dollar we get goes directly back to our dogs for their daily care, medical needs, transport, and boarding. We are 100% volunteer run and no volunteer takes a salary for the jobs we do. We help, love, and care for these dogs on our own time, often our own dime, and solely out of the kindness of our hearts.

Keep spreading the love and sharing the Second Chance Cocker Rescue spirit far and wide. Let’s show as many dogs as we can that there really is no place like a loving home! Thank you so much for your support and donations.

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