Changing our lives, one dog at a time

0Second Chance Cocker Rescue is known for its mission of saving Cocker Spaniels that are in need of a new start in life. Last year (2018), was a landmark year for all of us who volunteer for this organization. Our rescue totals are as follows:

Total dogs rescued 163
Total dogs adopted 142
New sanctuary dogs rescued 36
Spay and neuters 26
Life saving surgeries 15
Other surgeries 30

Our success hinges on our ability to create a solid and dependable monthly donor base. THANK YOU MONTHLY DONORS! For more in formation about being a monthly donor, please click here or contact Elizabeth at 805.687.4674.

It also depends on our volunteers, our foster homes, our transporters, as well as 0-1individuals that give funds for a specific dog with an immediate need that cannot wait! Our volunteers often help us as foster homes, donors, and transporters! Special thanks to all of our wonder-workers!

We do want to take a moment to recognize our long-term volunteer fospice mom. Lynn Wobeck lives in Northern California, and is a dedicated foster that handles many of our most difficult cases. At any given time, Lynn typically has several Cocker babies in hospice care in her home. These Cockers even have a bucket list! Don’t fool yourself, because they travel and visit wonderful places with their foster mom as they are preparing for their final journey over the Rainbow Bridge. Lynn loves on them 24/7, sleeps beside them, gives them meds, and she cooks for all of them on a daily basis. They eat way better than most humans do! Her home is a peace-filled place, and with loving care she watches over them until the last breath they take on this earth. Wilbur, Destiny, and Charlie are 3 of those numerous well-loved pups!

0-2Second Chance gives hope to Cockers in need, but we are also personally blessed to be a part of their story. Many of the pups we take in are in terrible condition, and act as if they have never had any kindness extended to them. I can personally say that our lives are richer for becoming a part of their journey. It is never easy to say goodbye to our beloved pets, but we give them the very best that we can for as long as we can.

Lynn said it best!

“It’s like I have said, if we are all on a plane to Chicago, Some go first class, some go business, some go coach.  But in the end,  we will be in Chicago.  I refuse to let my babies go coach”.

If you would like to experience this blessing for yourself, please call and speak with us and we will be happy to discuss how you can be a blessing to a Cocker Spaniel in need!

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