Rico’s Birthday Wish

50069652_2999953163363670_3053824805196267520_nRico just celebrated his 7th birthday. It wasn’t as fun as he would have liked. His life has changed a lot recently…

Rico was adopted from SCCR in 2012 at only 5 months old by a wonderful doggy mommy. He was her constant companion and loved going everywhere with her. His favorite thing to do was sleep in the bed and cuddle up right next to her and his kitty sister. Unfortunately his mommy just passed away right before Christmas and we need to find a new home for Rico to call his own. Rico was very loved by his mommy and has made quite the impression on everyone he meets. He’s kind of a heartbreaker.

Rico is really missing his mommy and just wants to be loved on by everyone he sees. He did have a few tussles with the other dogs in his foster home over who gets to have all of the lovins, so he is now looking for a new foster or forever home. Though he was having a hard time adjusting to not being the only dog in his foster home, his temporary foster parents fell instantly in love with him. His foster mom had this to say about him, “I wanted to let you know how sad we were that we could not continue to foster. He is a wonderful, sweet guy who is the embodiment of the ‘merry’ Cocker.  He is very active49188432_2979463695412617_352281111767810048_n and since we switched him to a good quality kibble, he was already starting to show the hint of a waist.  He will have no problem trimming down. Rico is play driven!  He needs to be with someone that can give him their undivided attention.  The dominance issues we had with him were over splitting our attentions between him and our other dogs. He would make an awesome companion for an active person (or family) where someone can be with him most of the day.”
Rico was a very well loved and very well fed boy in his old home and gained a few extra pounds. He has trimmed down some since he came to us and with continued play and a good quality diet he should be on the road to being a very healthy weight. Rico loves to play! Toys are his favorite thing in the world! He does have to take it a little easy though. Unfortunately, Rico has an old torn ligament and torn meniscus in his right rear leg. At some point, he had surgery for the same thing on his left leg and we now need to take care of his other leg for him. He also needs a cherry eye surgery and to have a few lumps and bumps removed. Poor guy. Our vet is estimating his surgery costs right around $2,000. Any donations toward this is so appreciated! Rico loves kids and cats! He also likes other dogs, but would prefer to be the king of the castle. Rico is super smart and eager to please. He would be an excellent obedience student! Rico is ready to find his forever home where he will get consistent exercise, a good diet, and help healing his leg. And of course lots of love and kisses!

Rico is currently in a boarding facility in Palmdale, CA. We would like to get him into a foster or forever home ASAP.
If you would like to give Rico lots of loving for the rest of his life, please contact SCCR directly at (805) 558-0100 or fill out an application here.

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