Gracie, Forever With Us

IMG_0005Gracie was our first foster from SCCR.

In February of 2012, Gracie was found wandering the streets of Camarillo, CA and taken to the local shelter there, where SCCR rescued her. Elizabeth told me that she had two dogs she wanted to pull from the shelter and if we took Gracie, those dogs would be saved. So we agreed to take her. Gracie was brought to our home by a volunteer that evening.

As a foster, Gracie had 2 adoption meet and greets. The first was an overnight, but she behaved terribly with Elizabeth on the way there and also with the potential adopter, so back she came. The second, was at our house. When the adoptive couple arrived, Gracie hid under a bench. It was at that point, I knew this girl wasn’t going anywhere. She was our new baby.

Gracie had a lot of nicknames, “Gracie Girl”, “Graaaaace”, “Gracie Peaches” and “Gracie img_0483.jpgPeaches Rosemary.” Every May, Gracie would impatiently wait for the peaches to drop from our tree. She was extremely skilled at eating around the peach pits, if she got to them before we could pick them up. She was also talented in the kitchen. One day, she jumped from a chair onto our kitchen counter and managed to cover herself in honey.

More than anything, Gracie loved food. When it was breakfast or dinner time, she would lift her head up to the sky and howl, to let us know that she was hungry and ready for food. She also would get on her hind legs and walk to get a treat. Gracie was 19 solid pounds of love.

Gracie loved going on walks. She took her time, wagged her beautiful (undocked) tail and smelled all the neighborhood scents. Gracie really loved going for car rides. Sometimes she stuck her head out the window but most of the time she sat up straight and looked img_0609.jpg
out the windows. Gracie’s face was always smiling and she had a pretty pink nose. Looking at photos of her over the years, she started off pretty, but as she aged, she became more and more beautiful each day.

Gracie LOVED toys: soft, plush, squeaky toys, tugging toys and tennis balls. She had a neverending, happy energy playing with them. She would often greet us when we came home with a ball or plush toy in her mouth, ready to play. We would chase her back to one of her dog beds or sofa and say “I’m gonna get you Grace” and pull it. Then we would twist the toy and say “Power Paw” and she would put one of her front paws over the toy to give herself extra leverage to hold onto it. She would growl like she was a vicious dog, but she was the sweetest dog in the world. It was all a fun show for her.

Gracie also loved chew toys like keys and plastic bones. She had one that we named “dirty bone”, which she liked to bury in the backyard and dig up when she felt like it. Oneimg_1714.jpg
time, I cleaned it off. She didn’t like that at all and took it right back into the yard, to get it appropriately dirty again.

As a SCCR foster family, we have hosted a lot of dogs over the years. Because of her loving personality, Gracie welcomed all of them into our home, but I know she was even happier when they found their forever homes.

Gracie had idiopathic seizures and was taking medication for them. We learned to be very calm when they occurred and she got through them in a few minutes and was quickly back to her happy self. Through the years, Gracie developed kidney, thyroid, intestinal and protein loss issues. Nothing was too good for her and she had the finest care and powered through everything and was doing great.

Even with her medical history, we always looked at Gracie as invincible. She was our beautiful warrior dog. Always amazing, always the winner. Until last week… Gracie developed a blood clot that damaged her intestines and caused abdominal sepsis. A portion of the clot also travelled to her brain. Over a few short hours, she battled a fight that she wasn’t able to overcome.

We are devastated without Gracie. She was the sweetest, best being and we are so blessed to have had her in our lives.

Because of Gracie, we have fostered and supported Second Chance Cocker Rescue since 2012, and having firsthand knowledge of what an amazing organization it is, I volunteer; fostering, working on SCCR social media and am a board member.

We are so grateful that we had Gracie in our lives and know that her sweet spirit will IMG_0609
always be with everyone she touched.

Gracie loved people and other dogs. We know that Gracie would want us to help save more dogs like her, so we are asking for donations in her memory. We ask that you please honor Gracie and all of the others that came before her and will continue to be saved through Second Chance Cocker Rescue. Every single donation helps. Our family will be matching the donations received for Gracie. Thank you.

One Comment on “Gracie, Forever With Us

  1. The story made me get teary eyed. Gracie was a good name she lived her life with you with Grace. And she came to your family obviously for a reason that those other 2 potential adopters did not take her. She has selected you before you even knew and no doubt graces your lives with her presence.

    I often say my rescue cocker rescued me notbthe other way. And she has been the best dog ever.

    I am sorry for your loss but happy she was in your lives

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