Clark Griswald, A Big Hunk of Love

image1-8URGENT! TRAIN WRECK ALERT! Mama Lynn wants to tell us about her newest foster-man! Meet Clark Griswald! He knows the doggie door already!  Sometimes when I help him into bed he lets out a little yelp when I scoop his butt. (Might have a tumor there as well)  He is FULL of lumps and bumps!!!  He is a really good boy!  He is a tad on the hefty side at 38 lbs! He is very eager to please. Not as treat motivated as affection motivated!  He doesn’t play with toys yet. He is interested in sniffing them.  He is a sweet, gentle soul.  He will get his surgery this week.  He has multiple tumors, and some are bigger than I have ever seen! Clark also IMG_2040needs a dental. Clark will be getting medical care, including surgery, this week!  After recovery, he will be ready to go to his furever home! Clark needs our help! Massive tumors needing surgery, a full dental, shots, chip, medical check up, and he will also need a foster home where he can recover with lots of hugs and kisses! Can you please help us with Clark’s medical costs? He will be so glad to have all of this behind him soon. Currently in Northern CA. Clark thank’s you all!

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