Lily is on the Road to Recovery

unnamedOur sweet Lily was rushed to the vet this week for emergency treatment! Foster mom Tammi woke up to find Lily curled into a ball at the end of her bed. Lily was not able to put any weight on the leg, and she was shaking as if in pain. Tammi rushed Lily to our local vet! Lily had X-rays, and she was diagnosed with a dislocated hip. Dr C had to put her under anesthesia to pop it back into place. She was kept in the hospital over the weekend, and was finally allowed to return to her foster home yesterday. Lily is crated, or held on a leash to restrict all movement, except for regular potty breaks. She has been taped in order to support healing around her hip and back area, and to keep the hip joint in place. She will receive another set of X-rays next week to check her progress. At that time, our vet will determine the best course of action for Lily.unnamed-3

Our Lily (age 4 years) is one of our favorite foster pups. She is so sweet and loving, and loves to shower her people with kisses! We are asking for help with Lily’s mounting medical bills? Can you find it in your heart to support Lily during her medical crisis? Lily would really appreciate it!


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