Letter to Kodi

unnamedDearest Kodi, I was so very proud to see you off today. You were on your way to a new life with wonderful new parents! You were so sweet and gentlemanly with Meg. Not at all the same dog that came for fostering and training several months ago. I remember a little boy, trying to act tough, to hide the fact that you were so terrified of all of the recent changes in your life. You learned to kiss our faces instead of biting, to cuddle up in bed at night, and to meet and greet new people. Now, I see a sweet young man who has so much more self confidence. You walk proudly and lead with your heart. I found you the best home that I could find. I know you are ready to be on your own, and settle in with your new family, and to jet off to new adventures. You will always hold a special place in my heart! I will always remember what a truly great boy you were. I wish you safety and happiness little one! All of my best Love and kisses, from your foster mom,
– Elizabeth.

We could not do what we do without the support of all of you! Kodi would have been sent to a shelter, and he would have most likely ended his life alone, on a cold metal table, with people he didn’t know, terrified and confused. We have other dogs like Kodi, that we are working hard to rehabilitate and find them a loving home. Please, please 36477797_2560488387310152_9001248783710814208_nconsider sponsoring a dog like Kodi? We have Buddy, who has been waiting almost a year for his forever family! He has been waiting for one of you! Kodi had a happy ending to his story! Many more are waiting for their happy-ever-after as well! Please contact us and we will partner with you to place a special Cocker Spaniel with a loving forever family!

Our deepest appreciation to all of you!

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