Sweet Daisy is getting some TLC

unnamed-1After years of pain, our sweet Daisy girl is finally going to get some relief from her mammary tumors. Daisy is scheduled for a spay and mammary chain removal next week with the wonderful Dr. Card. This is not going to be an easy surgery, but we are hopeful that it will give her a longer and better quality life.

We need your help to get her this life changing surgery! Any donation will help as we need to raise approximately $1,700 to pay for her treatment. Our friends of SCCR are the most amazing supporters and we know you love Daisy as much as we do and want to see her living her best life.

Our goal in the meantime is to keep her comfortable and give her as much love as unnamedpossible. She is enjoying going shopping, playing at home with her friends, visiting the park, and getting very spoiled. She will be making an appearance at our SCCR Picnic at Rincon Beach this Saturday, July 21, where she can soak up the sea and sun. Come join us for a great event and say hi to our pretty little girl!

For more information on our upcoming picnic, click here: 

To donate to Daisy’s surgery fund, click here: 

Thank you!

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