Angel Jake Needs our Help!

MEET JAKE! This little 6 month old baby Cocker boy is coming into our rescue! JakeIMG_1262 needs a lot of medical care! Jake needs double cherry-eye surgery, all of his shots, rabies vaccination, a microchip, as well as a neuter procedure! Poor baby! Head to toe work to be done! Ouch! This little sweetheart is coming into our rescue because his mom is moving away and they don’t allow dogs where she is moving. Jake is an angel, and he needs our help! Please consider helping this baby start his new life, by helping with his medical care. It is deeply appreciated! Once Jake has recovered he will be looking for a new home. Could it be with you? Application link here.

One Comment on “Angel Jake Needs our Help!

  1. So very sad he wasn’t taken care of. I’m in Georgia. Looking for a new little boys

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