Help Lady Jade to Walk Again!

URGENT: We were contacted by a family asking for help this week! A family found a Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 10.20.01 PMfemale Cocker Spaniel, and no one was claiming her. This petite little 3 year old Cocker baby, had lost the use of her back legs. She was dragging them behind her, when attempting to walk. This kind family made her a cart out of PVC pipe, and she was able to get around better. Nothing obvious showed up in her medical exam. We have had good luck with this kind of disability, and many of you may remember Yodi’s story! We have committed to taking her! She will need a major medical exam with a specialist, and hydro-therapy to help her to regain function in her back legs. She will need acupuncture as well. Surgery is also an option at this point, since the cause of her paralysis remains to be determined. We are counting on all of you to help this little angel walk again and lead a normal life! We can do this! She is simply too young to do anything else! Thank you!

*You can see video of Jade on our Second Chance Cocker Rescue Facebook page.

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