Tommy Boy Pup-Date

UPDATE: TOMMY BOY is now scheduled for surgery on August 25th. After a full unnamed-1examination, the estimate has been revised upward to an estimate of $5,064.35 to $5,824.00. The original rough estimate was approximately $5,000 dollars. So, we desperately need to raise about $1,300.00 more in about 10 days. Tommy is so grateful for the outpouring of love and support from his fans, and SCCR’s faithful donors! Tommy is being fostered now with his fabulous temporary foster dad, Kevin! We appreciate all he is doing to make Tommy Boy feel welcomed and loved! Won’t you help us to make Tommy Boy’s dream of seeing again come true? No more wandering in the dark, bumping into walls, or howling when he gets lost and panics! Tommy has had a difficult start in life, being locked in a lonely kennel, and used for breeding. Tommy Boy will hopefully live the rest of his life watching birds fly, chasing waves at the beach, and forgetting what it was like to live a lonely life of darkness. Tommy deserves this chance at happiness! Please help us to reach the finish line! Tommy sends his love to you all!

One Comment on “Tommy Boy Pup-Date

  1. We’ll be thinking of you tomorrow, Tommy Boy! Hang in there: afterwards you won’t believe how much better life will be.

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