We have Faith, and That’s What We Named Her

We rescued this beautiful 2 year old little girl from the Riverside shelter, and she was 20431401_2031219783570351_5231062124925752451_ncovered in ticks (literally thousands). The shelter treated her and they are all dead, but she is covered in scabs from head to toe, and her red cell blood count is scary low. She is severely anemic. She was only one tick away from needing a blood transfusion. She was pre-treated in order to avoid severe complications! We named her Faith. She is estimated to be between one and two years of age, and she is under 20 lbs, and cute as a bug! She was literally hours away from death, when we got her. We are monitoring this little angel, and we will give her all the TLC she deserves! She is being treated for IMHA, but it is mild and she is doing good. We need your help to cover unexpected medical expenses for Faith. We have several cocker babies experiencing medical issues at the same time, so we are asking for our faithful and generous donors to help with Faith’s medical care. It will be some time before this little one is up on her feet! She is currently under the care of Dr Card, in Southern California. She will need a foster or adopter after her medical condition is stabilized! Any help is much appreciated!


4 Comments on “We have Faith, and That’s What We Named Her

  1. When was this taken? We know our rescue dog came from California before we got her

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