Tommy Boy’s Wish to See Again

IMG_3013My name is Tommy Boy, and I need your help. I am not sure why I have not been able to find my forever family yet? I have tried as hard as I could to be a good boy, and people tell me that I am the sweetest boy ever! I agree with that, but because I recently lost my sight, I am not as happy as I used to be. I run into walls, and get lost (inside) easily. I have accidents in the house if I can’t find my way outside. I cry a lot because I am scared all the time, unless someone is with me, and I know that I am not alone. I sometimes howl at night, when it’s really quiet and dark, because I can’t find my foster peeps! I spent the first part of my life in a small kennel used for breeding. I think that is why I really, really, like being with someone. I understand that I am a pup that needs a lot of work, and I totally get it. I just can’t adjust to being blind, and after 2 years of this, I am about to give up, to be honest. I feel like I’ll never find a family to love me in this condition. My IMG_3026quality of life is not what it should be. I am asking my SCCR friends for a huge favor? I am begging you to help me see again! I think I could find a place to call my own if I could see! Other than being sad, because I can’t see, I am the sweetest soul! I love everyone I meet, including kids and other dogs. I am already neutered, mostly house-trained, up to date with shots, and good with cats!!! I am still active, and I am a playful and loving pup! I am otherwise quite healthy. I will make someone very happy if only I can see again. I know I am asking a lot of my friends at SCCR, but because they all love me, they are trying to help me. Can you find it in your heart to help me be a happy boy again? I sure hope so!!!
Love, Tommy Boy

The surgery to restore Tommy Boy’s sight will cost about $5,000 dollars. Tommy will also need to stay with someone living close to the doctor in the San Carlos/San Jose, CA area while recovering. Every donation, large and small will help get us closer to this goal. Whoever adopts this little love-bug will NOT be disappointed! We all love this gentle little soul!

3 Comments on “Tommy Boy’s Wish to See Again

  1. I live next to the head surgeon of UCD
    Opthamology. UCD gives grants to rescues and so does a finding onkyvrexvue out of Marin. Does he have Cataracts only? Is there a firm diagnosis in place ? Perhaps we can help to reduce these costs and get this boy instant help. We are out of davis.
    Please reach out to us and we can hel coordinate the surgery and spread the word.

  2. Elizabeth, Hope we are still on with Tommy. I told you I am close to San Carlos and my husband and I look forward to having him and companion that is O.K. with cats. When is he being operated on?

  3. I have had the privilege of owning two cocker spaniels in my lifetime. Both were obtained for companions to raise with my children and then 3 if my grandchildren who I also raised from infants. The first was a Springer Spaniel who we named “Spanky”. He lived and shared memories with us until my two children were in their teen years. He left us suddenly, which broke our hearts. Then in 1994, I acquired guardianship over 3 grandchildren, 2boys & a girl. We wanted to have a animal friend and was able to obtain one newly born from a wonderful family who had just received a liter of adorable spaniels. This one was female and we called her “Lucy”. She even traveled by car to NC in 1999 when I moved my little family there. We returned to CA 2years later and of course with our Lucy. She was the best friend me and my children could ever ask for. We shared so many wonderful adventures and experiences with her. We had her fixed early on, so we opted to not having puppies, although I regret that now, since Lucy has left us now in 2001. She was 6 years old at the time. We will never forget our Lucy and recall how much happiness she gave to us.I would love to donate towards Tommy Boys eye surgery so that he may soon has return eyesight and be placed in a living, caring home. I live in Canyon Lake, southern CA, so I would not be able to care for his post op care following his surgery since it’s too far out of your location but I will pray he is able to reach his donation amount. I will be moving with my youngest grandchild I raised (Ashley), along with my 2 great grandchildren who are Timothy 6 yrs and Natalia who is 6 mos. old. Thank you for allowing me to reminisce & share my story of love. ❤️

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