Sweet Coco gets help from SCCR and Police

We got a call from Pam and Mark, two of our long time supporters abut a young female Cocker that a co-worker’s sister’s neighbor wanted to get rid of. They were threatening to take her to the shelter that day if we refused and they didn’t speak English, so we couldn’t


talk directly to them. The dog was in Rosemead, CA and our transporter happened to be driving through. She agreed to stop by.  Our directions were an address, and if they were not home then the dog would be in the side yard and we were to just take her. We have never taken a dog out of a yard in the history of SCCR. It felt odd, but better safe than sorry.  The transporter found a neighbor who confirmed she was supposed to take the dog and go.

Two days later we got a call from the Rosemead police department. The officer wanted to know if we had Coco. It turns out that the previous weekend, the owner went to the Rosemead Humane Society to see about dumping her there. He got frustrated and left threatening to throw Coco in the garbage. They called the police who showed up at the man’s house. No one was home, but Coco was in the side yard. The officer came back 2 days later and Coco was gone, but the owner was home and reported SCCR took her, and the officer called us to check. Kudos to the Rosemead Humane Society and their police department. They love their animals and go the extra mile to make sure they are safe.
We took Coco to the groomer and the vet. It looks like she has bladder stones. Ouch! Good thing we got her when we did. She is very good natured and loves snuggling and tummy rubs. We need help taking care of Coco’s medical needs and getting her into good shape to be fostered and adopted. Every donation, large or small helps us keep doing what we do! Thank you.

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