Bella Rose and Brando’s Tail Wagging Tale

Bella Rose crop
Bella Rose

Bella Rose and Brando both came in with quite an attitude. Meg, our transporter warned us that Brando tried to attack both her and her husband. Bella didn’t want to be touched and would snap at anyone who tried to pet her, and any dogs that came close got the same treatment. We started their socialization training as soon as they were cleared by the vet. We got them used to other dogs by sending them out every day to play in play groups with 4 to 5 dogs. Carolyn and her staff worked with them daily until the rough edges started to come off. Brando was the


quickest to turn into a love machine. When they were ready, we moved them to a foster home where their training continued. They got to sleep on the bed, cuddle on the couch and take walks learning to meet and greet new people. Basically they learned to be charming, sweet kids. They are now ready to be adopted and we couldn’t be prouder of them.


Brando is a black male, 4 years old, small, housetrained, good with other dogs, 4 yrs old. Bella Rose is white and reddish, 7 yrs old, 30 lbs, house trained and good with cats and dogs. Both are being fostered in Santa Barbara, CA. They are hoping they will have their forever homes soon!

Just think how close to being euthanized they were when we agreed to take them. Please support our work so we can keep rescuing the Cockers that need us. Thank you!

One Comment on “Bella Rose and Brando’s Tail Wagging Tale

  1. I live in Sherwood Oregon with my 16 year old daughter. My family raised black cockers. We have not had a dog for 10 years now…and are in a place in life where we can have a new family member. Is the black cocker available?

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