Home for the Holidays!

Dorie and Molly
Dorie (age 10, in green), and Molly (age 9, in red) here. We are in these festive costumes in order to promote SCCR’s first annual, Home for the Holidays Program. We are senior sisters, and we want to ask that all cocker lovers everywhere, consider bringing one of our friends, to your home for the holidays. Except for the costumes, we enjoy fantastic food, family, and gifts during the holiday season, and we would love to see our cocker cousins enjoy the same perks! Contact Elizabeth Mazzetti at (805) 687-4674, to schedule your holly, jolly meeting with your sweet cocker house-guest! Please contact all friends, family, and share with all social media friends, in order to make this program a success, by bringing lonely cockers into your home to celebrate and enjoy the season! Happy Holidays from our SCCR family to yours!

2 Comments on “Home for the Holidays!

  1. I would like to share our home with Cecil during the Holidays. Is Home for the Holidays still on?

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