Rocco is Safe and Sound

This poor baby, Rocco, was dumped at the shelter – by his family, at the ripe age of 14 years. After receiving all of the amazing benefits of a beautiful and loving pet, this was how they returned the favor. The condition he was in, clearly told the story of how poorly Roccothey cared for him over his life. He had an untreated injury to his eye, that if treated when it happened, would have saved the eye. Instead, he has been in agony for weeks and will now lose his eye. His teeth are beyond bad. Many of them have abscesses and are rotten. He has two terrible infections in both ears. You would think that would be more than most dogs can deal with, but he was also covered in tar, on one side.

Poor baby! He has been in pain for so long, he won’t know what to do when it stops. But we do know, that when we are finished taking care of him, he will be one good looking and happy boy. Rocco is going to the vet first thing this week, and we are going to see a very big bill on this little man.

Any help that we can get, we appreciate so much! Rocco does too, and he will be wagging his tail soon, thanks to your help.



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