Jenny, our newest Senior, in Need

Hi everyone! Meet Jenny, a sweet little girl who may have never known actual love, during her life.

Jenny is about 15 years old andJenny1 was casually dumped in the Los Angeles North Central shelter. Not surprisingly, Jenny had no adopters lining up to rescue her.

Second Chance Cocker Rescue learned about her and were asked if we could take her into our Bed & Biscuit rescue home. Right now, we are overflowing with seniors there. We had no room available and were about to say no, when a wonderful donor named Tracey, appeared and graciously offered to pay for three months of boarding, if we would rescue Jenny. Our no turned into a yes and we pulled her from almost certain death, yesterday.

We took Jenny to out vet, where we discovered that she is suffering from flea allergy dermatitis. As a result, Jenny has very little fur on her skinny little body. She also doesn’t have many teeth – they are either missing or worn down to the gum line. Jenny has a lump on her back which we need to have checked. She was also never spayed. She has a full blown cataract in one eye and it looks like one is forming in the other eye too. Like many abused and neglected animals, she never received the care, that she so deserved.

On the other hand (paw), the good news is that Jenny gets around well, loves people and other dogs. Jenny is as sweet as they come!

We still have funds outgoing, to pay Jenny’s medical bills, but thanks to Tracey’s generosity, we have a loving spot to place her, until something opens up at the Bed & Biscuit.  Now look at her precious face.

Can you please help us, to help this girl out?

2 Comments on “Jenny, our newest Senior, in Need

  1. I will send a donation on the 3rd Wednesday when I get my check. Is Jenny going to be adoptable when health issues finished or does Tracy want her. I will donate to her or anyone’s care on aug 17., and will call Elizabeth. They are all wonderful adore able babies. How do people get these dogs , I’m ready to start a petition re law requiring mandatory check on any home with pets

    • Thank you for your support and help rescuing Jenny. Jenny has actually been adopted by a wonderful couple. She will be well taken care of for the rest of her life.

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