A Beautiful Flower Named Daisy May

Daisy May

Meet Daisy May. This 7 (to 8) year old beauty was rescued two weeks ago from a shelter in Modesto, CA. A huge thanks goes out to the volunteers at the Modesto shelter who helped us pull and transport Daisy May and also Garth and Missy.

Daisy May came to us with a lot of matted fur, infections in her ears and terrible teeth. We got her shaved, her ears medicated and she is feeling a lot better. Just look at her smile and beautiful red merle coloring!

Daisy May’s front and back legs are unique. Her front legs look like she walks on her ankles. Her back legs look like they were once fused together then separated. The vet thinks this is a condition she was born with but it doesn’t appear to be slowing her down in any way!

Daisy May - happy girlIn the two weeks she has been part of the SCCR family, we have found Daisy May to be sweet to people, other dogs, loves to cuddle and always has a doggie smile.

We are hoping to do dental work on her soon, and she is very eager to find her forever home. Could you be the one?

Thank you so much for your support for this sweet girl!

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