Thanks to Christienne we had room for one more

buddy behind barsAs we sat down to pay our bills last month we came up short….really short. We were scrambling to figure out how to pay everyone and put a hold on any new dogs coming in until we got this taken care of. Just an hour after the board made that decision we got a call about a cocker at the Orange County shelter. He was exactly the kind of dog we could not afford to take. Eight years old, male with double cherry eye. We held firm, “We can not take this dog. We can’t pay our bills and we aren’t taking any dogs until we can.” Then we hear “How much do you need? If I get it for you will you take him?” …..oh yes, we can now!

Buddy's freedom picBuddy was so happy when we send our transporters to pull him. He is safe and sound and waiting for his surgery thanks to Christienne, our new fundraiser in OC!


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