???????????????????????????????Sadie was at the Sacramento SPCA. They asked us to see if we would be able to pull her as her allergies were making it hard for them to find her an adopter. We already had four other Cockers that were having severe allergy problems this year so we said what’s one more? Bring her on!

This year is so bad we have even had to resort to steroids for some of our babies who are at the mercy of the pollens this year.  Sadie is allergic to everything. even the oatmeal shampoo we used to try soothe her skin! She had gotten a secondary bacterial infection on her skin from all the scratching and biting. The antibiotics gave her a yeast infection and that itched even more.  What was a girl to do?

???????????????????????????????We had heard rumors about a new allergy medication called “Apoquel” that was supposed to be revolutionary but we were having trouble getting our hands on any. It was on back order the minute it hit the vets. Sadie’s foster mom managed to talk her vet into enough for a couple of weeks and Eureka! it worked like magic on Sadie. Her foster mom says “She is like a different dog.  She’s playful and happy.  She’s getting into everything – and has become a real character!”

Sadie is about 3 years old and super sweet. A bit shy she will quickly turn into a love bug.

2 Comments on “Sadie

  1. Will Sadie have to continue on the Apoquel? How expensive is it? I lost my little cocker last year and the meds/trips to the vet were getting expensive!

    Sadie’s a cutie and I am thinking about a new addition.

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