We Couldn’t Resist!

Coming Home From The Shelter
Coming Home From The Shelter

The picture of Tobias that the shelter sent us showed a huge ugly tumor in the corner of his mouth. It described him as a senior boy with severe medical issues. We couldn’t resist. This boy needed us!

On the way home from the shelter he got a special treat just to start off his new life on the right track. We shaved him down and found an adorable 8-10 yr old boy with a mouth that hurt like the dickens but he was the sweetest, gentlest little soul.

The vet said the tumor was malignant and suggested removing it. Once he is sedated she could get a better look at it then she could tell us what his chances are. But even if it only bought him a few good months we were ready to go ahead. His surgery is scheduled for the 19th of this month as the tumor was so infected he needed to be on antibiotics for a week before we could try the surgery. So for now he is taking his pills like a gentleman and getting prepared for surgery. Then he will be ready for a foster home. We will know then if he will be going into hospice or be available for adoption.  We have our fingers crossed. This boy deserves a good long life!

Donate towards Tobias’s surgery and care

2 Comments on “We Couldn’t Resist!

  1. God bless you for giving Tobias (OC shelter) a second chance at a good life!!! I came to website to honor my $50 pledge to him & was happy to see this add’l photo posted…..Thanks again, Christa Morones

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