Dallas Can’t Wait!

Cuddles 1 Dallas is a happy fellow. He was rescued from the Baldwin shelter at the last minute before his time was up. He was turned in by his family who said they had him for a year but could not afford his care anymore.

Cuddles 2He had ear infections and kennel cough but those quickly cleared up. His mouth was another story. He has an adorable overbite and his lower jaw does not sit straight causing one of his canines to go right through the roof of his mouth every time he bites. This week he goes in to have that tooth removed so he will be able to eat without pain for the first time in his whole life!

Cuddles 4Needless to say he can’t wait! Even so Dallas is the sweetest, most loving boy around. We hope he finds his forever home very soon!

Donations toward Dallas’s surgery

One Comment on “Dallas Can’t Wait!

  1. Oh my gosh Elizabeth……… this guy just touches my heart. He looks like a total snugglebug pussycat angelface…….I WANT HIM.

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