William at His Summer Home In Lookout Mountain, TN

CIMG0086Here is William II (so he doesn’t get confused with Wm I – my step son) in his spring/summer home in Lookout Mountain TN – a beautiful little town on a lovely mountain outside of Chattanooga.  He’s with his new buddy Jackie (who was adopted in Bolinas CA) standing in snow flurries and it’s 29 degrees – wondering what snow and cold weather are about..

He is a happy, rambunctious guy and a wonderful companion.  My groomer here told me he was an English cocker which is the reason for his size and temperament – they were trained to be very good hunters.
Thanks for Elizabeth and Michele for helping me adopt him.

One Comment on “William at His Summer Home In Lookout Mountain, TN

  1. I think my Duffy has been re-born!!! William II is a spitting image of the Duffy I lost. So glad to know he’s alive and living a good life.

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