Boycotting The Westminster Dog Show? You Bet!

“After 24 years, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show has changed sponsors from Pedigree to Purina because the club doesn’t like Pedigree’s very effective “Adopt a Shelter Dog” ad series.” this is the start of a well written ariticle about the decision of the Westminster Dog Show to drop Pedigree because of it’s support of dog rescue and shelter dogs.  Wow, we have to say we are not very impressed by this decision.

Westminster Kennel Club is sanctioned by the American Kennel Club and the AKC is very supportive of puppy mills. Every dog that is bred in a puppy mill is registered with the AKC and they get registration fee. They make big bucks from the puppy mills. They evidently don’t care that these are the same dogs dying every day in the shelters.

I don’t know about you but I will not be watching the Westminster Show this year and telling everyone I know why!  —Elizabeth

Read the whole article here:

Westminster snobs snub shelter dogs

4 Comments on “Boycotting The Westminster Dog Show? You Bet!

  1. It would be good to start a Facebook page and flood the airwaves w/ this story. There are enough rescuers and sensible dog lovers that I have a scatchingly brilliant idea that it “could” go viral and just maybe make some kind of difference with awareness—of how important rescuing is over AKC supported puppy mill abuse—

  2. Glad to know about this. Will pass it on and will definitely NOT watch the Westminster show!

  3. Horrible! How can an organization about digs be so snobbish and heartless. A sad, sad story…

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