Clara’s Amazing Christmas Present

Clara was a stray at the Turlock shelter when we met her. She was sad and felt a bit hopeless behind bars but quickly picked up her spirits when we pulled her and popped her into a foster home. She needed Cherry eye surgery and to be spayed before she was ready to go home with anyone but she attended a couple of adoption events in Sacramento with us while waiting for her surgery date.

That was where she was spotted by Elizabeth and Bill from Folsom. They immediately felt a connection and although they were not ready to bring a dog home they wanted to help her. They spoke to Joann and found out that her surgery was going to cost over $500 and they pledged on the spot to pay the whole thing.

Clara had her surgery. She is in recovery and will soon be ready for a new home. Clara’s guardian angels, Elizabeth and Bill will be watching to see this little darling gets a good home.  We are deeply grateful to Elizabeth and Bill and humbled by their generosity.

Donations in Honor of Clara, Elizabeth and Bill

2 Comments on “Clara’s Amazing Christmas Present

  1. Wow, what a heartwarming story, one that evokes the Christmas spirit of love and giving un-selfishly. I am unable to donate financially but if Elizabeth and Bill ever need a dog sitter so they can go on vacation or whatever, I will watch their new “baby” for free. Thanks EB for another happy ending!!!

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